About High Country Web

High Country Web was started by Rohan Latimer in 2015. He built his first website back in 1997 before there were things such as script kiddies and selfies. A time when nerds weren’t cool and brogramming would have turned a bogan into a social outcast quicker than you can say Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line. Using a 486 Toshiba running Windows 95, he punched strange characters into a revolutionary program called Notepad to produce “Rohan’s Garbage Pile” – a website with text and images of crap he liked in year 8. Seriously.

The nerd quest continued and he studied at RMIT learning not-codey topics like Business and Marketing, broad areas of design including Graphic, Video and Games, a bit of Electronic Engineering and then some very-codey topics such as Programming Principles and Realtime Rendering and 3d Games. After all these Video Game-centric subjects, he completed Uni and became a Web Developer… Huh?

Yup. Sucked into the Advertising industry like a diabetic who sees a billboard and then buys a Big Mac Meal. He became an expert in the now obsolete and almost dead Adobe Flash. Luckily he also learned the very basics of code way back so when that ended and he regained his sanity (and soul), he built web pages with good ol’ HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, SQL and a bunch of other languages, frameworks and scripts that come and go.

Always progressing, always wanting to learn anything and everything so long as there is a broadband connection, he took a year off then moved permanently to rural North East Victoria to a house with awesome 1Mbps satellite Internet (for non-nerds, that’s not good). He was working out of a functioning winery, enduring temperatures in the negatives during winter and over 45 degrees in the summer until he decided enough was enough and moved the business into Wangaratta, while also setting up Jewellers Coworking.

(Boy am I sick of writing in the third person…)

The original office…

Just in case you thought he was joking, there’s the old office above. Since then, he’s discovered an extremely expensive alternative to satellite Internet which saves him money on broken keyboards and screens. It all works out in the end.