Websites for North East Victoria

August 2016: Moving into town! I’m currently setting up a studio in Wangaratta. Over the next few months I’ll be creating a co-working space. If you’re in need of a desk on a casual or permenant basis or would just like to get involved, I’d love to hear from you! Cheers -Rohan

Based in the hills of the Warby Ranges, High Country Web specialises in creating websites and solving tech problems for businesses and organisations in North East Victoria.

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Websites, Online shopping, Apps and more

Custom Websites

Need a website for your business or an update to an existing one? Custom made, mobile friendly websites made here!


We can currently build native Android apps, iOS will be available in the future.


High school groups, Adults, Kids – You’re never to young or old to learn! We’re currently working on some classes for autumn 2016.

Some of our work

Solar powered. Open source first. Transparent.

High Country Web is heavily driven by a philosophy that doesn’t put money first. Yep you read that correctly. We run on 100% solar energy, collected at our office. We use Open Source software whenever possible. And there’s no bullshit.


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